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Monopoly Go: Exploring the Game and Its Rules

Monopoly Go is a modern and dynamic variation of the classic Monopoly board game. This fast-paced version offers a fresh take on the traditional game, providing players with a quicker and more exciting experience.

Game Rules:

Monopoly Go follows a set of rules that combine the essence of the original Monopoly with new elements designed for faster gameplay. Here are the basic game rules:

  1. Setup:

    • Place the game board in the center of the table.
    • Each player chooses a modern game piece (e.g., skateboard, rollerblades, smartphone) and places it on the "Go" space.
    • Shuffle the "Game Changer" cards and place them face down.
    • Prepare the electronic banking unit and ensure that all players have access to it.
    • Each player starts with $15 million in electronic cash.
  2. Taking Turns:

    • Players take turns clockwise.
    • Roll two dice to determine your move.
    • You can move forward, backward, or stay in place, depending on the roll and the speed die's result.
  3. Electronic Banking:

    • All transactions in Monopoly Go are conducted electronically. Use the banking unit to buy properties, pay rent, and collect money from opponents.
  4. Properties and Ownership:

    • When you land on an unowned property, you have the option to buy it using the electronic banking unit.
    • If you land on a property owned by another player, you must pay rent, which is automatically deducted from your electronic funds.
    • Properties can be developed by paying additional fees to upgrade them.
  5. Game Changer Cards:

    • At the beginning of your turn, you can draw a "Game Changer" card. These cards introduce unexpected events or opportunities that can alter the course of the game.
  6. Speed Die:

    • The speed die adds an element of unpredictability to the game. It provides additional movement options like the Bus and Mr. Monopoly's Speeding Taxi.
  7. Winning the Game:

    • The objective of Monopoly Go is to be the first player to reach the required net worth, as determined by the game's rules. The player who achieves this goal wins the game.
  8. Express Mode (Optional):

    • For an even quicker game, you can opt for the Express Mode, which condenses the gameplay and aims to be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Monopoly Go offers a unique blend of modern gaming elements and the timeless charm of the classic Monopoly. These rules create a fast and engaging experience, making it a great choice for both new players and Monopoly enthusiasts looking for a thrilling twist on the traditional game.

How To Play Monopoly Go

using mouse

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