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Idle Wizard is a casual action adventure game. You play as a wizard who just graduated from the Magical School of Sorcerers and needs to find great adventures or perhaps even foes before heading off into the world. In this game you will have to face different challenges when it comes to magic, many of which involve getting your hands dirty instead of reading some books. With your new skills you will get access to all kinds of tools that can help you in your quest. From simply making fire or creating potions, and going up to building complex machines and automatons, there is so much you can do with your powers! You can also go to open fields, dungeons or even ancient ruins if you think that searching for foes would be more challenging than other options. It is recommended that you explore all areas before locking onto the final target since there might be hidden paths and secret rooms that lead to more powerful

There are plenty of games that allow you to build exciting worlds. But how many let you interact with the environment and grow as a player? That’s what Wizard School is all about! Wizard School weaves an ever-expanding story, where every level takes you closer to solving the mystery of Green Valley High. The more you play, the more opportunities there are to explore different game modes and unlock new items, spells and characters. In this magical idle game for adults, your task will be to raise a school by equipping it with teachers and classrooms. From the very beginning,everything seems easy but it won’t take long before you realize that this is going to be quite a challenge! Build labs,rooms and staff members of your dream school one by one in this challenging idle

If you love playing games and watch gameplays on YouTube, then you must have noticed that there are many similar games such as Cat Quest, Kingdom Rush or The Last Door. These games tend to follow a very similar design and concept: You take control of one main character who is the player in the game and your goal is to lead those characters through the levels, fighting enemies, solving puzzles and collecting items in order to progress through the level. In this post we will be going over some of the basic concepts of designing an idle

In this game you will build a school for learning magic. You can buy different rooms to make your school more comfortable. There are many schools in the world and they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Your objective is to build the best school out there. To reach that goal, you will need to recruit students, train them in different subjects and purchase better furniture for your

It’s time to build your own wizard school! Start with a small hut, or maybe just some magic wands and books. As you progress through your studies, you can expand your school with new classrooms and hallways. Or perhaps create a whole new building to house your ever-growing library of

How To Play Wizard School

Using Mouse

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