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Join Winx Club, the top super hero team in the world! The Winx club will protect their secret location called Bloom Farms which is filled with magical flowers and amazing animals that can only be found there. Help them look after the farm and make sure that no enemies come to harm their beloved friends. One day, the Winx were out exploring when they stumbled upon a strange baby creature that seemed to be hurt by something. They wanted to help but thought it best not to reveal themselves or risk him running away again. After convincing him that he was safe, they decided to take him home with them so he could recover from his injuries. This little baby was once a young boy named Alex who had been taken in by two kind foster parents called Penny and Gage. Unfortunately, Alex never fully got over his fears and one night, his fears became too much for him to bear and he ran away into the big bad outside world alone. Now Alex can’t get enough of being around other people since he has grown used to being alone 

If there is one thing that the Winx Club girls know how to do, it’s having fun! Join Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna and Layla as they venture out into the world in search of some much-needed adventure. With a new baby on the way for Bloom, can she find time for herself or will she have to put her new role as a mother first? Bloom and her friends are excited to explore their new town together. They’ve just moved from Earth to their own magical dimension: Floralypso. Now they must adjust to their new life in Muspelheim. There are so many things for them to see and do until their favorite earth fairy returns

Winx Club is a kids animated series based on the comic book of the same name. The games are developed by Bright Future Games and published by TecToy. Currently, they have released two games in the series: Winx Club: Adventure Baby! and Winx Club: Magical Adventures. Each game follows the adventures of Bloom, Stella, Layla, Urara, Tecna and Flora as they fight against evil villains with their friends at Alfea School for Magical Girls. In this article you will read about all details about both games in the series such as release dates, gameplay videos and some screenshots for your better understanding.

Winx Club is a famous show for young girls and also for the grown-ups. It’s about a group of girls called The Winx Club. They have magical powers that can be used to fight any evil and save the world from any trouble…. There are many games which have been inspired by Winx Club and now you get one of your own in the form of Winx Club Baby Adventure! You will have to help these characters from babyhood as they adventure together to defeat the Evil Queen Stella. Use your mouse, make sure you keep an eye on them as they run after different things or just walk around in this wonderful land

When the Winx club gets a surprise request from Bloom to help her care for her baby daughter Stella, they can’t say no! Stella seems like an ordinary baby until she starts and repeating the same sentence over and over again. Some members of the Winx club think that maybe Stella is just repeating what she hears. But others have a different As their investigation into the matter goes on, the Winx Club soon find themselves in search of answers and adventure as they discover hidden gardens, meet new friends and uncover clues about Stella’s mysterious

How To Play Winx Club Baby Adventure

Using Mouse

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