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This game is called Vortex 9, and it’s the most advanced shooting game ever made. You are a high-tech agent put on a top secret mission to help foil the greatest threat to mankind: an alien invasion. But you soon discover that your old allies have secretly turned against you, and the true enemy has infiltrated your own ranks. Now you must use advanced technologies from around the globe—from AI to robotics—to combat an alien threat that seems impossible to defeat… If you like FPS games with massive gunfights, then get ready for a whole new level of violence with Vortex 9. This is an adrenaline-pumping FPS game with smooth shooting mechanics and deep tactical play modes. If you like fast-paced shooters with RPG elements, then this game is for you. The action takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth where mega corporations rule the planet through fear and violence. Your task is to take back your country from the Corporate Ruling Elite, which has occupied it through various means by using ultra modern technology from around the world — from AI to Robotics. You will fight using every weapon at your disposal: pistols, rifles, machine guns and even grenades as well as using your superpowers such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis. There are also several different types of enemies such as security agents, bomb technicians, assault soldiers or even aliens that come in different forms such as robots or flying vehicles. Each type of enemy makes their own unique weapons based on

After winning the last war against the Skrulls, Earth has a new enemy to wage war against. The Cosmic Cube has been returned to its home planet of Zenn-La by the Midnight Angels, a group of Super-Human pilots. During their mission, one of the pilots, Mike Broad, acquired the cube and used it to create a race of Super-Villains known as The Twelve. However, he accidentally also created a powerful energy field that can be harnessed by those who know how to work it. He has hidden these Super-Villains across the world, leaving thematic clues for anyone who finds themselves in trouble to find and destroy them. The task at hand: stop Mike Broad and his team from using the cosmic cube to rule over humanity. Use your skill as an action shooter combined with 3D graphics, visual effects and physics to eliminate all 12 Super-Villains before they take over the world in Vortex 9: The Midnighter's Revenge! Action, Shooter, Visual, 2019, Action, Shooter, Adventure Join Hawk on his quest through five thrilling levels in this third installment of Vortex games. Shoot down enemies with your jetpack while avoiding obstacles or dive into bogs filled with deadly crocodiles in this challenging third person adventure

It’s time to face your fear of heights. And it’s not a phobia you have - it’s a game. The final level in this fast-paced and action packed shooter challenges you to take on the dizzying heights of Mount Kessler. You may be little, but with a bit of grit and determination, anything is possible. Aiming for the top is your top priority but with every challenge there is an opportunity for growth. Try your best and see how far you can rise. /vortex 9,game,game, 2022, action, shooter, shooting, 3d, shooting, gun, action Gameplay hints – What are my options? How do I stay alive? Are there secrets worth finding? By playing the game for yourself you will gain insight into its mechanics and learn what works and what doesn’t. If you are ready to set foot on Mount Kessler - start playing! —

How To Play Vortex 9

Using Mouse

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