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Are you interested in playing an online multiplayer game but your friends are busy? Do you have friends whom you just haven’t met since high school or college? Are they not interested in playing video games with you? If you answered any of these questions with a yes, then you have come to the right place. Ubisoft has released one of their latest mobile titles that is going to cater to people like us. All Star Blast is a simple game where two players take on the role of basketball players and play against each other. The objective is simple; shoot as many balls as possible into the opponent’s basket. Players can also choose from different unlockable basketballs such as; football, hockey, soccer and cricket. Since this game is free to play, there are no in-app purchases either so that’s great news for everyone who doesn’t spend money on apps

It’s a new era of gaming, and it’s time to welcome all-stars into the spotlight. Welcome to All Star Blast, a new mobile sports game where you can create your own legends and compete against other players from around the world. It features an engaging gameplay, 3D graphics and an immersive virtual world that will have you hooked from the start! Check out more information below: - How to Play? With simple controls, All Star Blast gets you in the action fast. Tap your ball once to launch it. Pass it to another player so that they can also tap their ball once and launch as well. You can use your phone or tablet as controllers for this game; either using a touch interface or using motion controls on supported devices such as the Apple Watch, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation

All Star Blast is a new multiplayer action sports game from Ubisoft. It will be available for mobile devices, computers, and consoles over the next few months. In All Star Blast you can compete in a variety of sports such as Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer or Footbag. You can also play special events where different rules are used to make the matches even more challenging. To make things easier players can purchase power-ups using coins they have earned during gameplay. These power-ups will boost their stats and help them get an upper hand on the competition. There are over 20 different power-ups to choose from including: Shrink Ray, Super Speed, Turbo Jump and

In the near future, a new weapon has been discovered on Earth. It’s a powerful space-time weapon that can destroy anything, even time itself. That’s why in response to this new threat, the mega-corporation All Star has built an impenetrable fortress with enough firepower to annihilate anything on sight. The good news is you get to be one of the millions of test subjects who get to live out your final moments inside this fortress. The bad news is that most people are just used as test dummies and discarded when they’re no longer needed. Well, that’s not you… Welcome to All Star Blast – the only place where you can rise above your peers and become an

Another classic meets the future of gaming with Ubisoft’s All-Star Blitz - an arcade-inspired, fast-paced 5 v 5 game where you can choose your favorite characters to hit the court as a team player or take on the opponents individually. It’s also available on mobile and tablet devices – so you can play wherever you like! Connect with your friends and other players from around the world to compete against others in this unique, multiplayer party game. Get ready for All Star

How To Play Ubisoft All Star Blast!

Using Mouse

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