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One day, while playing a game of 'Impostor Squid' with his friends, teenager Keith entered into a world of pixellated pixels and snaky tentacles. The game was simple - you are the impostor. Your goal is to avoid being eaten by a killer squid that has been preying on other swimmers in the sea. It sounds simple, but this digital wrinkle requires an expert's mind and swift reflexes - as well as an arsenal of advanced gaming technologies. When Keith played the game, it tricked him into believing he was really a squid himself. He went from one side of the ocean to the other and back again without knowing he was even playing it. Now Keith must master this new reality to stay

You are an alien squid who came to Earth looking for some lobster. However, the local prawns have been having a bar-b-q and they’re really, really good at it. You can’t exactly come visit them in their own home so you challenge them to a game of ‘Impostor Squid’. It’s not as simple as that though, because the prawns don’t know what you are and will probably eat you! They call themselves Impostor Squid and you must survive against all odds. Use your wits and speed to out-manoeuvre your enemies and become a true ‘Imposibly

Do you have what it takes to stop an impostor squid from ruining the future? No one really knows who invented the squid — some say Denis Leary, some say Donald Trump. But whatever happened to them, the impostor squid is here to stay and has taken over the world. We’ve been fighting it our whole lives — we could use a little help from our friends. So go forth and learn about the impostor squid, challenge others with real data, and tackle this impossible

How To Play Two impostor Squid Challenge

Using Mouse

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