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In a world where monsters from the mists of time hunt Humans for their own twisted reasons, the finalhuman-hunting force is a small, independent American Squad. Led by The Chief, these soldiers will stop at nothing to end the threat once and for all. Their motto: Axis or Alternative. They will not hesitate to use any means necessary, including military might and even murder. But which side are you on? Do you want to see an end to humanity or become a monster yourself? Which side are you on? Do you want to see an end to humanity or become an enemy? Choose your path in this thrilling and intense third person shooter with RPG elements! Use different weapons and abilities; choose your guns, explosives, blades and more! Discover new ways to kill enemies with unique biomes snow) that affect how bullets go through targets. Plan your shots wisely because each shot taken could be the last! Choose your team wisely as some would argue that one man is not enough!

Shootout is an arcade action game in which you take control of either the American or the Soviet Union and attempt to destroy your opponent's missile launch base by launching a variety of weapons at it. Each game lasts for a set amount of minutes, with each longer round costing more points. The aim of Shootout is to get as many points as possible by using different types of weaponry and strategies to cause as much damage as possible to your opponent. There are three difficulty levels, with Normal being the easiest and Hard being the most difficult. Your score and current position are kept track of during each game so you can see how well you're doing. Once you start playing, there's no way to stop playing; if you like this type of gameplay, you'll love

The Shootout is a head-to-head 3D shooting game. Use the mouse to aim and fire your weapons while your rivals try to take down as many robots as they can. You can play against other players, or compete against time in Last Man Standing mode. Defend the course and work your way through the levels one shot at a time. Without any further ado, lets get

How To Play Tom Clancy's Shootout

Using Mouse

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