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This is a game of speed, reflexes, and timing. If you can get the ball into the basket without being intercepted or scored on, you’ll score points toward advancing to the next level. subtask_run 1,subway surfers, game, run, action subtask_run 3 — Manage your RUN score! Increase it by getting more RUNNERS on their way to your score. You need to get as many runners as possible across the finish line first before competition time ends. The higher the score, the faster you can go! subtask_run 4 — Use YOUR MIND! You must think Strategically while running sub task 4 to win  and complete the race in under 30 minutes! How will you approach this

What are Subway Surfers? SUBSEPUBLIC SURFERS is a team-based action game set in the world of the subway. Utilize various methods to clear waves of enemies and reach the finish line. Choose from one of six different characters, each with their own unique skills, and train yourself in this highly competitive 2D racing game. With deep customization options, it’s easy to get started but challenging to master. Can you master this fast-paced race across subway

The Subway is a hidden world filled with danger and mystery. The only way to discover it all is to get on that sub! It's the perfect way to commute, go to school or work, or just explore the city on your own terms. You can go anywhere and do anything in a sub: run, jump, slide, drive and even surf! But remember: Only the recommended people are allowed in the

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Controls: Mouse / Arrows 800 X 600 Sat Apr 06 2019

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