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The world is coming to an end! But it's okay, because you are the only "ENDER" around. You have hundreds of friends and a ton of enemies. The only problem is, everyone else isn't as excited about the impending apocalypse as you are. How will you convince your friends to join you in this fight for survival? With ENDERSTORMS, that's how! ENDERSTORms is an action-packed casual game built around the ENDERverse series from bestselling author Orson Scott Card and independent game developer Art in Games. Players explore a post-apocalyptic world filled with familiar characters while encountering strange creatures that they can capture to use against their enemies. ENDERSTORMs gameplay revolves around capturing creatures and sending them through special gates as your allies against the EnderDragons. Different creatures have different strength against other types of enemies, so players need to keep track on their weaknesses and exploit them fully when

Not every game is created equal. Some games are made for a niche audience, and others are made for the masses. For example, some games are meant to be played repeatedly while others should be reserved for one time play-throughs. Then there’s games that cater to players of all ages, interests and skill levels. Games that can be played casually or competitively and any other variation in between. These are known as genres. There are many different genres out there, but which ones reign supreme? Which games fall into each genre? And which genres don’t deserve their reputation? Read on as we list 10 hyper-popular game genres with the answers to these questions and

Stack is a puzzle game developed by The9Lives. This is the first game of its kind where you can stack separate blocks and make them combine to form new shapes. The rules are simple but the strategy required to solve each level will be anything but. There are over 50 different levels that get harder as you progress further into the game. You receive coins every time you complete a level and use them to unlock new characters, themes, or modes in-game. You can also purchase packs with real money to get more coins and other items at once through one tap using real cash, which is really useful if you want all of the super coins

Stacks is a new great casual game. You can play it by clicking on the blue cubes of the same color. Tap on the blue cube that is located in front of you to stack them. It’s an addictive and very simple game. In addition, it has many interesting levels that will make you need to spend more time playing this game. It’s a good choice if you want to relax after some hard days at your job or just want something that will take your mind off everything else. So here are some tips that will help you get better at this

Welcome to Game For Kids. This is a simple and casual game for kids, which is free to play. It does not have in-app purchases, ads or any social media links. Instead of that, you can meet our friendly characters by visiting the different locations on the map. The main goal of this game is to help our little friend named Bob reach his home safely after he got lost while playing outside. You will need to make sure that no monsters or other hazards are in the way so that he can get there

How To Play Stack

Using Mouse

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