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Slice It All you play as a zombie and you must slice the humans to bits. There are various items scattered around each stage that can be used for different situations. Play as a zombie and find your way through these challenging stages by slicing the humans to bits. There are 5 different characters in this game, each with their own unique abilities that can help you along the way. This amazing game is an action platformer game inspired by roguelikes. You control a zombie character who must navigate through a series of 19 levels in order to find their way back home and reanimate their fellow zombies in time. At the end of each level you have 3 humans remaining and they will drop different items when killed which can be used in combination with other items found throughout the level to solve puzzles or advance further into the map. You’ll need to use everything you’ve got if you hope to survive this bloody, bloody

One of the most popular action games in the world is coming to the iPhone! This amazing game is a fast-paced 3D puzzle game with a unique gameplay mechanic: cut up your surroundings to solve puzzles and reach new areas. Explore dozens of strange worlds and collect weird creatures along your way. Use them as weapons against other creatures or your foes, or just as ingredients for crazy new concoctions. Every level has a different theme, and every set of challenges has its own unique solutions. There are no right answers in This one, only clever thinking! If you like quick puzzle games that don’t require much thinking, but still challenge you and give you something interesting to do while waiting for something else to finish loading, then this game will suit you

A slice of life android game where you must slice the world in order to save it. -Slicing is the only way to save the world from a group of evil beings known as The Slayers. They continually try to destroy the world and its inhabitants with their powers that they have acquired from slicing various aspects of our lives. Players will take control of a single android in an attempt to save humanity. -Your mission is simple: slice everything - People, Buildings, Animals and so on - until you meet the end goal limit. Each new area that you slice will unlock more people and places for you to slice until you find your way out or run out of things to slice. Gameplay

How To Play Slice it All

Using Mouse

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