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In this game you control a semi-truck that wants to drive across a snowy track as fast as possible. The idea is to drive through checkpoints, avoiding obstacles and other trucks. You have to avoid the obstacles that are placed on your way; there are trees and other trucks. You can also pass through roadblocks and stop at red lights. The more speed you have, the faster you go; but beware of the snow! Driving in the snow is difficult, because there are deeper ripples in the snowfall. Try not to drive into deep ripples or you’ll be slowing down very quickly. To make it even more difficult, there might be some loose ice on top of the snowfall. When driving in winter, you need to think about how fast you can go without running into any obstacles or getting stuck in deep ripples. Have fun playing Truck Simulator as much as

In Semi Truck Snow Simulator, you have to drive your semi truck through a massive snowstorm. Avoid all the obstacles and complete all the levels to win the game. Have Fun ! Try Another Car Driving Game: Snow Driving Simulator updated daily with more challenging levels! Drive your semi truck through a massive snowfall in this realistic 3D snow driving simulator! Look out for obstacles and avoid them at all cost to complete each level without getting caught in the snow! Get it right and your truck will drive smoothly; get it wrong and you’ll spin around like a drunken football enthusiast on his first date with an icy pond! Have

Get ready for a magical snow season! Drive your semi-truck around a snowy track and race against the clock to finish the lap before the other trucks. Can you earn the most points in this crazy truck racing game? Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to pass each level. Have

How To Play Semi Truck Snow Simulator

Using Mouse

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