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In this game you will play as a kiz 10, an android that was created to be the ideal sports player. Kiz 10 was designed to be the best android ever made and it has been tested against other android prototypes from around the world in order to establish what makes it so great. In this game you will play as kiz10 and your goal is to score as many points as possible by shooting the ball into one of three basket circles. When you successfully shoot the ball into one of the baskets, you will add another point to your score. You must also keep an eye on how fast your level is running out by checking the bottom left corner of your screen. Additionally, you should also pay attention to how long it takes for the ball to bounce after hitting a surface, as if it takes too long then it may be harder for you to hit that specific

An awesome game to kill time – Rope Slash Online is here! In this game, you are playing the role of a Rope Master. Your mission is to control your Rope and help the Ball to get through all the Ropes as fast as possible. There are more than 60 challenging levels with increasing difficulties for you in this game. Are you ready to take on this challenge? - Intuitive controls: just tap where you want the ball to land and watch it disappear through the rope – easy peasy! - Stunning graphics and animations: everything is so lovely that even a blind squirrel could find a nut! - Clever level design: there’s always something new waiting at every corner; hopefully not something that is going to make your ball

In this game you will help the cute little Kiz to reach the finish line without falling from the rope. You control him with your mouse. - 30 different levels to conquer. - 3 different kizs to unlock and play with, with more coming soon. Each kiz has his own skills and abilities which can be upgraded over time by collecting coins on each level. - - Progress through levels by scoring as many points as possible before time runs out. No points for standing still or letting go of the rope! - - Unlock new kizs, locations and items as you progress through the game. Level up your characters so they can take on harder challenges!

Welcome to ROPE SLASH! In this game, you will help a cute and strong little lass named Kiz. She needs your help to reach the end of each level by hooking onto her rope, which is tied between two points. However, be careful because the further away she gets from her starting point, the more difficult it becomes for her to reach that point. Also, she can only hook onto ropes so many times before they break. You will need to think quick on your feet and use your math skills and logic in order to modify her path so that she can reach every point safely. Are you up for the challenge? Good luck,

Rope Slash is a casual, skill-based arcade game where you have to cut ropes as fast as you can with your mouse. The quicker you cut the string and get the ball into its goal, the more points you’ll get. But make sure not to let it touch any of them or it will end your game instantly. Play through many different levels and challenge yourself to get better! It’s simple, but challenging at the same time. You need to practice a lot if you really want to be able to finish every level with high score and get all achievements in this game. So good luck and have

How To Play Rope Slash Online

Instruction PC controls: Use the left mouse to cut the ropes. Mobile and Tablet controls: Tap and slide to cut the ropes.

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