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Run and escape from the prison cell. This is a Unity 3D Unity game where some prisoner broke out of his cell. Your mission is to find that Prisoner and lock him back in his cell again. Use your wits and logic to solve puzzles, collect objects, hints and clues,ascend ladders, unlock doors and windows, bribe guards with food or sweets (LOL), disguise yourself as another prisoner or guard etc.. To help you on your way explore the cells more thoroughly than ever before by using your trusty flashlight which will come in handy more than once. The game features: - Detailed background visuals with natural light sources - Multiple levels in the prison building that are unlocked as you progress through the game - Interesting puzzles with multiple solutions - A variety of disguises for you to use when attempting to escape - Disguises can be purchased at the prison canteen for money earned through good behaviour *Disguises are NOT included in any of our paid builds. If you would like to check them out then please purchase any one of our paid Unity packages listed

Some places you shouldn't go. You may think it's a nice and calm place, but what if there are something else living there? What if the place is not as peaceful as it seems? It's better to stay away from them, right? Or so you thought… Run fast and hide from the enemy in this riot escape game. Get out before they find you! This is an escape game from Come and play other games from our website as well. The more Escape Games we have, the more fun everyone has! Are you up for the challenge? Good

The city is in chaos. All the citizens are running around in a panic, trying to escape from the angry mob. The authorities have issued an emergency broadcasting stating that there is an angry mob out there, and they must all be inside their homes by dusk or face dire consequences. The emergency broadcast has sent chills down the spines of everyone who heard it. However, things are not as bad as they are

How To Play Riot Escape

Using Mouse

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