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What is Retro Bowl?

Retro Bowl isn't just a game; it's a journey through the ages of football, brought to life in the nostalgic charm of 8-bit styling. Crafted by the creative minds at New Star Games, this iconic American football video game has found its home on iPhones, Androids, and even browsers like Poki and Kongregate.

Inspired by the legendary Tecmo Bowl series, Retro Bowl soared to greatness, earning the title of the most downloaded app on Apple's App Store in the waning months of 2021. The triumph of Retro Bowl paved the way for another gem, Retro Goal, unveiled in June 2021, inviting players into a new chapter of digital football excitement.

Guide to play Retro Bowl 

Retro Bowl isn't your typical football game. It's a management simulation where players not only hit the field but also step into the shoes of the team's manager. From making critical decisions about player trades and signing free agents to ensuring high team morale, Retro Bowl offers a holistic football experience. Drawing inspiration from real NFL teams, the game cleverly skirts copyright issues by using city names and similar jerseys.

How to controls Retro Bowl?

Navigate - Mouse / Trackpad
Select - LMB

Traditional game activities

Retro Bowl games take you back to earlier NFL seasons. It all started with the 1962 NFL Championship Game between the New York Giants and Baltimore Colts. After the 1989 season, all bowl games turned into Retro Bowl games, featuring teams from different eras.

Get ready for the traditions of Retro Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl. Each bowl has its own vibe and traditions. This season has 12 bowl games, giving you lots to look forward to if you're a college football fan. The last time we had so many bowl games was in 2014, and it opened the door for teams to compete without needing automatic bids.

The switch from 11 players to 12 players per side brought in a new era of National Championship Football. Teams no longer needed automatic bids to play in bowls, making it an exciting time for college football fans.


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