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To play "Real Cars in City" and earn points or progress in the game, you need to engage in various game modes and complete specific tasks. Here's a guide on how to play and earn points or progress in "Real Cars in City":

1. Career Mode:

  • In the Career Mode, you have three areas to test yourself: "Racing," "Time Travel," and "Stunt."
  • Racing Mode: Compete in 12 racetracks against 5 AI opponents. Finish in the top 3 to advance to the next race. Your performance, including race completion time, drift points, and flying points, will earn you money and help you progress.
  • Time Travel Mode: Race against time on 12 racetracks. Achieve faster times to receive higher star ratings. Use the star points you earn to unlock new and super cars, allowing you to progress further in the game.
  • Stunt Mode: Navigate through 12 specially designed racetracks, performing stunts to reach the finish line on time. Master the challenging race tracks with skilled driving to progress and earn rewards.

2. Free Mode:

  • In Free Mode, you can enjoy free rides in a vast city with various features such as large buildings, wide streets, stunt areas, and hidden mysterious locations.
  • Search for and collect 108 hidden keys scattered throughout the city. Gathering these keys will unlock new vehicles, which can enhance your driving experience.
  • The "Reward" table opens every 150 seconds, offering you money based on your drift and flying points. Waiting for 150 seconds allows you to access better rewards.
  • As you accumulate enough keys, certain vehicles will be automatically unlocked for your use, further progressing your car collection.

3. Hot Pursuit:

  • Engage in action-packed chases while driving police vehicles.
  • Your car has an "HP" value, which decreases when you take damage from the pursuing police.
  • Avoid the police vehicles and try to stay away from them to maintain your "HP" and prolong your escape.
  • If your "HP" reaches zero, you are caught and arrested by the police. To continue, press the "Extra HP" button to briefly recharge your "HP."

4. Crash Derby:

  • Enter the battlefield and showcase your skills in this action-packed mode.
  • Compete against 5 other racers in specially designed arenas, and demonstrate your driving abilities to outperform them.

Earning Points and Progress:

  • Throughout the various game modes, you can earn points and progress by accomplishing specific objectives and challenges.
  • In Career Mode, achieving better race times, higher drift points, and successful stunts will earn you more money and star points, helping you unlock new cars and progress in the game.
  • In Free Mode, collecting hidden keys and earning rewards from the "Reward" table contribute to your progress and ability to access new vehicles.
  • Each successful completion of races, time trials, and stunts will grant you points that contribute to your overall score and progression in "Real Cars in City."


  • Move: Use "ARROW KEYS" or "WASD" keys.
  • Nitro: Press "N."
  • Camera View: Press "C."

Conclusion: In "Real Cars in City," you can play different game modes, engage in thrilling races, collect hidden keys, and master your driving skills to earn points and progress in the game. As you achieve better performance, unlock new cars, and explore the open world, you can enhance your experience and become a top driver in this realistic driving simulation.

How To Play Real Cars in City

Using Mouse

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