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In this epic Incrediballs dodge game, you will play as Rayman, who is a paloochy from the world of Incrediball. Rayman wakes up to find that his friends have been kidnapped! Not just any friends either! The whole alphabet has been taken prisoner by the evil mastermind behind all of these kidnappings, Dr. Spike! With help from his trusty sidekicks - Globox and trophy hunters - Forest and Fuzzy, it’s time for Rayman to roll up his sleeves and set out on an epic adventure to save his friends, save the world of Incrediball and maybe even conquer it in the process. The gameplay in this Incrediball Dodge is pretty similar to what we've seen before such as Flappy Bird or 2048; however there are plenty of new elements thrown into this mix that make this game feel fresh and interesting. As well as being difficult the way most players expect with their favorite simple games, Incrediballs is also extremely challenging if you aren't careful which makes it great for gamers of all levels whether they are young or old. The mechanics may be simple but they're easy enough for new gamers to understand without feeling patronized but hard enough that experienced gamers can also learn from them

Play the Playground game of Nerf Gun Battle! Use the Super Soaker Alien Strike Blaster to fight against your enemies and take them out. Use the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike blaster to target specific areas of your enemy with ease. You can also set up all sorts of traps, such as loops and locks, to luring in your opponents. The game features total of 10 different dastardly missions, where you will challenge yourself to overcome the challenges thrown at you. From challenging bonus rounds, which are just pure skill testing; or the more challenging boss-like rounds where you have less health and ammunition available for use, there is something for everyone in this one. * This app offers in-app purchases that cost real money to unlock additional content or speed up your progress. You may lock out video ads by purchasing an In-App Unlockable Content

Johnny Test is a kids animated American science-fiction action comedy television series produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The series follows the adventures of a young boy named Johnny Test, an inventor who has various mechanical devices as his companions and helpers in his exploration of the world. The series was originally developed for television by Series creator Jim Type John McIntyre, who also provided the voice of Johnny TV Series debuted on June 15, 2005 on Kids WB. Since then it has aired reruns until December 19, 2009 when it concluded its run of episodes. A pilot film called Johnny Test: Shocking Secrets premiered in 2007 but was not picked up as a regular series due to poor reception and low

Incredible Balls is a Dodge Nano game where you have to control the ball and reach the flag. The ball has green nacelle, three red nacelle and four white nacelle. When you play this game, you have to tap on the screen to control the ball and release your finger when you are passing through obstacles. - 40 Levels - 3 Different Difficulty Level - 5 Different Balls - 3 Ball Pack with New

In this game you are going to play as Rayman, an eponymous protagonist from the Rayman games. You’re going to guide him through a handful of levels as he attempts to save Princess Une from The Teensies. Along his journey, you’ll be faced with all sorts of strange creatures and obstacles, some friendly and some not so much. Are you ready to start your

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