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Ramp Bike Jumping is a game that involves performing stunts and jumps with a motorcycle on ramps and obstacles. The main objective of the game is to execute daring and skillful maneuvers while navigating through various levels. Here's how to play and the objectives of the game


  1. Controls: Familiarize yourself with the game controls. These typically include using the arrow keys or on-screen controls to accelerate, brake, and balance the bike. Additionally, you may use specific keys for performing tricks and stunts.

  2. Level Selection: Choose a level or track to play. Levels can vary in complexity, featuring different ramps, obstacles, and challenges.

  3. Accelerate and Balance: Start by accelerating your bike using the appropriate control. Balance the bike using the left and right arrow keys to maintain stability as you ride along the ramps.

  4. Ramps and Jumps: Approach ramps at the right speed and angle to gain enough momentum for a successful jump. Timing is crucial here. As you hit the ramp, your bike will leave the ground, and you can control its orientation in the air.

  5. Tricks and Stunts: While airborne, use designated keys or combinations to perform tricks and stunts. These might include flips, spins, grabs, and other acrobatic moves. Successfully executing tricks earns you points and adds to the excitement of the gameplay.

  6. Landing: As you descend from a jump, make sure to land smoothly and maintain control of the bike. Failing to land properly can lead to crashes and reduced performance.

  7. Obstacles: Some levels may include additional obstacles like loops, hurdles, or gaps. Navigate through these obstacles while keeping your balance and speed in check.

  8. Points and Progression: Earn points for successful jumps, tricks, and stunts. Accumulate points to unlock new levels, bikes, or customization options.


  1. High Scores: One of the main objectives of Ramp Bike Jumping is to achieve high scores by performing impressive tricks and stunts. Compete with yourself or other players on leaderboards to see who can score the most points.

  2. Unlock Levels and Bikes: Progress through the game by completing levels and earning points. Unlock new levels with different challenges and ramps. You might also unlock more powerful bikes with improved performance characteristics.

  3. Mastering Challenges: Each level presents its own set of challenges and obstacles. The objective is to master these challenges by honing your skills and improving your ability to perform tricks, jumps, and maneuvers.

  4. Exploration and Creativity: Experiment with different tricks, combinations, and strategies to explore the full potential of the game's mechanics. Express your creativity by inventing unique stunt sequences.

  5. Enjoyment and Relaxation: Ultimately, the game's objective is to provide entertainment and enjoyment. Have fun while attempting daring stunts and experiencing the thrill of performing high-flying jumps.

Keep in mind that Ramp Bike Jumping is all about practice and finesse. As you become more familiar with the controls and mechanics, you'll be able to execute more complex tricks and achieve higher scores.

How To Play Ramp Bike Jumping

Using Mouse

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