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Raft Life is a survival and simulation game where players start on a small raft in the ocean and must use their skills to survive, build, and expand. Here are some general guidelines on how you might play a game with these mechanics:

1. Starting Point: Begin on a small raft in the middle of the ocean. You may have limited resources and tools.

2. Resource Gathering: Collect resources from the ocean, such as wood, plastic, and other materials, which can be used for crafting and building.

3. Crafting: Use gathered resources to craft tools, equipment, and structures on your raft. These can include things like shelters, storage containers, and fishing equipment.

4. Fishing: Catch fish to provide a source of food and sustenance.

5. Farming: You mentioned planting, so it's possible that players can set up farming on the raft to grow crops or other resources.

6. Shark Defense: Defend your raft from shark attacks, which might involve crafting weapons or building defensive structures.

7. Exploration: Explore the ocean to find new resources, islands, or other points of interest.

8. Animal Friendships: Forge relationships with animals, which could potentially offer benefits or challenges to your survival.

9. Seagull Bonuses: Keep an eye out for seagull-related bonuses or events that might impact gameplay.

10. Challenges: As the game progresses, you may face various challenges, such as storms or other environmental hazards, which can test your survival skills.

11. Progression: Over time, you'll aim to expand and improve your raft, making it a more comfortable and functional home.

12. Objectives: The game might have specific objectives or goals to achieve, such as reaching certain milestones or exploring certain areas.

Please note that the actual mechanics and rules of the game may vary, and it's always a good idea to consult the game's official documentation or community resources for more detailed and up-to-date information on how to play Raft Life.

How To Play Raft Life

Using Mouse

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