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Let’s Play The New Adventures of the BAFTA-Winning Franchise - The Rabbids! The Rabbids are back and they are looking for a new place to call home. Our heroes must now use their wits and bravery to get the Rabbids out of their new home, which happens to be an active volcano. It won’t be easy as our heroes will need to overcome several obstacles in order to save the Rabbids from certain doom. We hope you enjoy this interactive adventure game by Ubisoft, creators of many best games for kids and families like – Splinter Cell, Trials Frontier or Where is myeddy Bear? However, if you encounter any trouble playing this game or any other oysters from the list above please do not hesitate to drop us a line by using the Contact Us option at the bottom of this page. An avid player community will always help you find answers sooner rather than later

The earth has been struck by a series of volcanic eruptions which have left it completely unstable. With the potential to cause even more eruptions, the Rabbids have set up camp in an abandoned volcano and are now threatening to detonate the entire thing. The only way to stop them is for you to infiltrate their camp and stop their boss from activating the final explosion. As you enter their camp, you'll see that there are many different areas and nooks where the Rabbids have set up shop. You need to find all of these places and figure out how they work before your time runs out. This will require exploring every area of the level thoroughly and using any means necessary to uncover the secrets within them. Thankfully, with your trusty nose, keen eyes, nimble fingers, and sharp wits… You’ll be able to solve any puzzle that comes your

If you haven’t heard, the world’s favourite animated comedies are coming to life! The BRILLIANT new series from the team that brought you LEGO Friends is here. Welcome to BRIDGESTONE COAST, a remote location known for its breathtaking views and friendly locals. But all of that is about to The volcano in the nearby Mount Pooh has become active once again, leaving the sleepy mountain town in panic. It’s up to you to help evacuate the citizenry, so grab your stethoscope and head into BRIDGESTONE COAST! The endearingly ditzy characters have taken over a new series with ten brand-new episodes: THE AMAZING WORLD OF THE ROBIN HOODS - featuring iconic locations from their stories, as well as several fan-favourites like Sherwood Forest and Stable 52! Get ready for full-blown chaos in BRIDGESTONE COAST and

It's not every day that a volcano erupts. But when it happens, you need to be ready. So, strap in and prepare yourself for an eruption of crazy-good fun! The Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Volcano game is here to take you on a wild ride through the streets of your small town. As the mayor of your small town, the only thing you can do in case of a sudden disaster is to evacuate everyone to safety. And what better way than by putting together a game that will help everyone stay active and full of energy? You've just been elected as the new mayor so everything must be taken care of as soon as possible. This also means organizing games for everyone's amusement so they will have something fun to do until you get back from figuring out what exactly caused this eruption and how to fix it

Join the gang of raging Rabbids on their new adventure! After discovering that Poppi, the newest addition to the village, is a vulcanologist, the Rabbids have decided to build a tiny tourist resort for her on one of their volcanoes. But things don’t go as planned when Poppi discovers the real reason why they’re staying

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Using Mouse

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