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You are a former worker of the Playtime factory. It is the largest manufacturer of dolls and toys for children. One day, all the workers here suddenly disappeared. The police tried to investigate the incident but could not find any clues. The factory was then abandoned.

After receiving a letter from a missing worker, you decide to come back here to discover what happened to all the workers.

To escape this creepy place and find the answers, you will have to complete different puzzles, collect ice to get the gist of the factory and avoid the revenge toys.

The scariest monster is Huggy Wuggy. He is a giant blue doll with a wide red smile. He will chase you and jump on you every minute. As you wander around, you will see many detailed rooms with different spooky dolls lying around.

There are several tapes and cassettes around, collect them and watch the video for potential clues to uncover the story and progress in the game.

The game introduces a special way for the player to interact with the game. Instead of walking through the factory, you can use a Grab pack to get far away items. It can be used as an electrical conductor.

How To Play Poppy Playtime

  • WASD to move.
  • Left-click to use the item
  • TAB to display controls
  • SPACE to skip the dialogue
  • Shift to sprint
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