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Take down Huggy Wuggy by finding Poppy Playtime!
All of your coworkers have left the toy factory, leaving you there by alone. Rather than waiting for salvation, you choose to step outside and look into the situation. You explore the factory to learn what happened to those folks; this is shown in a number of movies.

Open the door to always moving forward by looking for new spaces, beneficial objects, and useful items. Huggy Wuggy, a translucent blue toy that has come to life, has large hands and deadly fangs, and wants to murder you. You need get rid of it and eventually beat it by following the plots in Parts 1 and 2.

You can change between standing up and sitting down by clicking the icon with the stick figure on the mouse to move. You will need to squat beneath the objects to avoid being seen by the toy fake male, so click the button with the four directions on it to go. We wish you luck in the world because you need it in a horror role-playing game, and we hope to see you attempt more horror-themed material in the future!

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