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Pixel Crusade is an action game in which you have to explore,crawl and destroy pixelated environments in order to reach the exit. However, you can only go so far before your camera gets messed up. Help a cutie with your camera by jumping over obstacles,making smart decisions and staying away from danger. If you like platformers, this game is for you! (support if you need spiderman level of assistance) Hack4Hero Hack is a game where players compete to find hidden objects and unlock secret endings by hacking their computer or gaming consoles. You can do this by connecting them to the internet via a VPN service such as Tor or BitTorrent. When connected to the internet through a VPN, hackers are able to hide their real IP address which protects them from being tracked online. The website they’re connected to then shows the true source of their access so they can safely browse the site without fear of being traced back home. Well not exactly but close works just the same! (help if you need spiderman level of assistance) Hack4Heroes is a tool that will help you discover hidden web pages on any website that supports javascript scripting as well as hotspot mode for remote access from anywhere on the internet at any time. It does this by analyzing data from your device traffic and looking for websites with malicious code installed which will then be tried again until it finds what it

pixelarhy 2016-11-29 18:45:33 This game is sooooooo damn fun! You get to shoot pixel art at the world and make it look realistic. The game has a very nice 3D feel to it, and you don't feel like you're just floating in space with some simple pixel brushes. It's a great way to learn how pixels work and improve your craft. Highly recommend it! awesome_1998 2016-11-29 18:44:10 This is one of the best games ever made! You can shoot pixel art at any location from anywhere in the world, cause that's what you get for being an artist. But don't let that fool you, this game is about more than being an artist; It's about exploring new things and learning new things about yourself. I love this game so much I have a Patreon just so that I can continue making updates on this game as they come out. If you are looking for some great fun in the world of pixels, check out this gem! questotron 2017-01-05 22:02:32 Can't wait to see what comes next! Stay tuned! Risus 2017-01-12 03:14:20 My first pixlarhy was amazing! Loved it and would play again soon magic_fragbite 2017-03-21 15:52:36 This game is simply fantastic, bravo for creating such an amazing game. The graphics

Pixel Hard is a pixel art platformer game which will have you playing for hours. You take the role of a pixelated hero who has to save the world from the evil inhabitants of an island called "Doom". The game takes place on an island where you play as a pixelated character, and fight your way through puzzles and combat against various enemies. If you like boss battles, kinetic wall-bounceers, or fun platforming action, this game is for you! There are also two different difficulties available that support unique gameplay experiences. Try it out for yourself

Pixel Hard is a pixel art game with platforming elements. You play as an adventurer who must save the world from an ancient evil. The player controls a character named Pixel who uses his jumping and throwing abilities to reach secret areas, defeat the monsters, and return to civilization. There are many levels in this game so it is not just one level or area that you can explore, but multiple of them at once. Will you need help finding your way? Or will you have to start again from the

Pixel Expansion: Pixel Hardcore is a platformer where you jump, run, skip and slide. You control four different pixelated characters as you fight for domination in a crazy world filled with pixel explosions. Pixel expansions give you new levels, weapons, enemies and bosses. Fight to the finish or be left behind as your Pixel friends fade away

How To Play Pixel Hardcore

Using Mouse

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