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This is a simple game where you have to tap on the screen in order to make your little sim from the anime, Omodefault,

Om Nom The cutest little alien has crash landed on Earth and can't seem to find his way back home again. Feed him sweets, save him from danger and help him reach his home planet. But watch out, he's very susceptible to enemy attack! Om Nom is an endless arcade game in which you have to feed the alien with as many sweets as possible while keeping him alive as long as possible. The longer you play, the harder it gets because aliens are not easy to keep Beware of spikes, pits, enemies and traps!Try to match 3 or more candy colors for extra points. Make sure you don’t get trapped between narrowing walls or be crushed by closing doors. Keep Om Nom happy by giving him the sweetest treats you can find in each level: from candies to ice cream or even cake! Explore 40 different levels in 5 different locations: A dessert planet, a candy castle, a pocket dimension, a cookie village and an alien glade full of danger… You will never get bored of this fun game because there are infinitely many ways you can play it. It’s simple enough for casual gamers but challenging enough for hardcore players

The cute little omnom-bears are back and they want to play! Let the circus begin! The adorable omnom-bears are back again. This time they want to play, but where? It is a mystery! You will need to use all your wits and skill to help them find somewhere fun to play. Help them escape from the evil clutches of their captors and let them bounce away into the world of fun. Bounce around, collect gems, dodge obstacles and try to get as high as you can in this super casual arcade game filled with cute puzzles and silly adventures. Collect items like balls, blockades and springs so you can scale walls faster or double your point total when you land on green zones. Bonus stages are waiting for those who reach higher scores than anyone else, while daily challenges have a bit more standing than usual against all other players in order to be victorious. And best of all: Omnom-bears live for adventures, so what’s stopping you from joining

Do you like to eat chocolate? Of course you do! That is why Om Nom has his own game - the magical world of ChocoB, where everything is made of chocolate. Help him find his way around this delicious playground, in order to get back home. Explore the different levels, find all the hidden treats and try not to fall down into the abyss. But be careful! You don’t want to end up with a horrible stomach ache… You can also play online with your friends or other players from around the world. Don’t forget that you can use your phone as a controller for this game, so you will not have any problems with playing it from your sofa

Om Nom is the cutest little blob or bug you will ever see. Little does he know that his planet Om Nom is home to many types of cute little creatures. Unfortunately for them, their home planet Om Nom is a very dangerous place. It has a strong gravitational pull, and all of the cute little creatures are being sucked into it! Thankfully there is a solution: roll Om Nom around in your hand and swing him like a pogo stick to bounce other adorable creatures off of him, similar to how balls are bounced off of people’s hands in arcades called “bounce

How To Play Om Nom Bounce

Using Mouse

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