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The cat is back and this time he wants to play. Use your mouse or Clack it with your keyboard to catchCheetos,Cookie Monster,Potato Head,Dancing Bear and all the other cats playing in the Meow Life! This kitten simulation game is a modern day version of Puss in Boots. You can play as a kitten or you can help the kittens get their paws on some tasty cheese. Play the cat version of Puss in Boots and see if you can fly or run away with your tail between your

Your life as a cat has been ordinary until one day your human friend tells you about the “Meow Meow Life” game. She says that it is a very interesting and lucrative career option – a virtual cat! Of course, you are all ears and your friend explains to you more how it works. The catch is that they only accept applications from cats

Become the leader of the pack and master life with your cat. Drive your prey to distraction with smell or pounce on them for food. Use various tools and techniques to train, interact with and care for your cat. Build a shelter, hunt for food and catch animals to feed your feline

How To Play Meow Meow Life

Instruction Controls: Follow the in-game instructions to play.

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