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Welcome to Clash of the Superpowers! Each of the four main factions in Clash of the Superpowers has a playable megacorp that specializes in one type of tech or combat. You need to build your team, corporation, or megacorp by matching their flags and defeating them in battle. Fight against other players and players from around the world in online vs. matches, tournaments and challenges to see who is the mightiest supercorporation! - Build a supercorporation with unique technologies and powerful weapons to dominate the battlefield. - Compete with friends against other players or people around the world in online matches, tournaments and challenges. - Upgrade your team with unique characters that are stronger than others. - Create challenges such as playing versus AI opponents or playing through time-based levels which can be won by beating a set time limit or number of

The last good years of arcade and arcades have disappeared. The new generation has no nostalgia for them. They do not want to play old-fashioned first-person shoot’em ups or old-fashioned Pong games. They want something new, fast and furious. Enter towerdefense! It is a genre that has only just started but already it is one of the most popular types of video games around the world. Towerdefense combines elements from several previous video game genres into a single package that you can play on your computer in about five minutes. It is played by thousands of people all over the world and it is having a moment right now. Let’s see what makes this type of gaming so

The game is over, only one team can win! Fight to the top in this epic tower defense battle. Choose from a variety of unique towers and launch them at your enemies to take them out before they can ruin your fun. Build the most powerful team and work together with friends to dominate the battlefield. The game ends once you run out of opponents or until one team manages to capture all the towers on the other side of the map. It’s up to you how many strategies you can try before you give up or reach that final wave and see who’s the king of stickman

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Key Features - Beautiful 3D graphics - Become the strongest and most strategic commander in the World - 100% free game - Fun and addictive gameplay - Easy to learn controls - For kids and adults - Game for girls and boys - Many units and troops to merge Instruction The game is controlled by taps and drags. Your mission is to merge the same units to get next level unit. To start the game, just tap on the center of the screen. During the battle, you can send reinforcements by tap to the place where you want to send it.

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