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Who among us hasn’t wanted to be an astronaut? The chance to travel the stars and explore new territory is one we can all get behind, much like the opportunity to wage war against other human races and save the human race from extinction. Of course, back in our horrid pre-apocalyptic past, this was easier said than done. There were all sorts of nagging doubts about whether we would even make it out of our own solar system, much less into deep space. If you think about it, the idea of going into outer space must seem like a complete toss up for most people. And do you know what? It’s probably true; few of us are actually brave enough to take that first step into the great unknown. That is, until someone invents a device that makes it possible for anyone to go into space for free. Enter the Impostors! These bad guys are space scouts with a difference. Rather than running away when they see another spaceship approaching or trying their best not to get annihilated on sight, these agents pretend not to exist and hope their similarly dressed co-workers won’t notice them while they secretly fight wars throughout galaxies using powerful weapons of mass destruction and completely impractical Earthling technology. They’re called impostors because they impersonate other agents who have been sent into outer space before - often times with disastrous results. The last thing these spies want is another anonymous mission running them off in high speed

The world of hypercasual games is filled with impostors and cheats. A game that offers players the chance to interact with other people in real life might seem like it would have few duplicates, right? Well, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are some games where the only way to play them is online. These games are called arcade-style or space Invaders-like. They feature a single player avatar shooting at other avatars on a screen. There doesn’t seem to be anything fake about this approach — except for the fact that they can be played by anyone who wants to go through the motions of interacting with other people but isn’t truly interested in getting to know them first. The term impostor has been used generically, but it’s especially intended in these kinds of games because there’s almost no way for players to tell if someone playing with them isn’t really interested in actually meeting new people and learning about their lives outside of video games and social

The stars are right. You can finally stop playing games to win at life and start playing to win. But where do you go from here? Does the world really want your funny, poignant and sometimes merciless take on video games? Check out the list of people who have been playing (and still are playing) impostors like you all their

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Using Mouse

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