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Interland is an online game developed by Google as part of its Be Internet Awesome initiative to promote online safety and digital citizenship. The game focuses on teaching children how to navigate and interact responsibly in the digital world. While "Interland" does not have a traditional storyline or plot, it incorporates various interactive worlds or islands, each representing different aspects of online safety and citizenship. Here are some key features of "Interland":

  1. Islands and Themes: "Interland" consists of several islands, each with a unique theme related to online safety. These themes include Mindful Mountain, Tower of Treasure, Kind Kingdom, and Reality River. Each island focuses on teaching specific concepts and skills related to digital citizenship.

  2. Challenges and Missions: Within each island, players encounter challenges and missions that revolve around different aspects of online safety and responsible online behavior. These challenges often require players to make decisions, solve puzzles, or complete tasks related to topics like privacy, security, cyberbullying, and being respectful online.

  3. Learning through Gameplay: "Interland" emphasizes learning through interactive gameplay. It provides hands-on experiences that encourage players to think critically, make ethical choices, and develop skills for responsible online interactions.

  4. Positive and Negative Characters: Throughout the game, players encounter positive and negative characters who represent different online behaviors. Positive characters, like "Internauts," guide players toward making responsible choices, while negative characters, such as "Phisherman" or "Hacker," represent risky or malicious online activities.

  5. Points and Progression: "Interland" utilizes a point-based system to track players' progress. By completing challenges and missions successfully, players earn points and advance through the game. This system provides a sense of achievement and motivates players to continue learning and exploring the different islands.

  6. Interactive Lessons and Tips: "Interland" provides interactive lessons and tips within the gameplay, offering guidance and information on various online safety topics. These resources reinforce key concepts and provide players with practical advice for staying safe and respectful online.

  7. Exploration and Engagement: "Interland" encourages exploration and engagement within the game's digital environments. Players can navigate the islands, interact with objects, and discover hidden elements that reinforce the educational messages and deepen their understanding of online safety principles.

While "Interland" may not have a traditional storyline, its focus on interactive gameplay, educational content, and practical lessons about online safety makes it an engaging and informative tool for teaching children responsible digital citizenship.

How To Play Interland

using mouse



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