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There's been a lot of death and destruction in the zombie-infested city of New York. But there was also a lot of American ingenuity, as well as a surprising amount of courage and self-sacrifice. In the face of Zombie apocalypse, people rise to become heroes. Impostor Zombies is an original side-scrolling shoot ’em up game where you assume the role of one such hero. Your task is to fight your way through hordes of Zombies, using melee attacks, firearms and superpowers at your disposal. If you are successful, your team will be classified as a Hero from that point onwards. You will receive perks for becoming an Impostor Zombie and other rewards depending on how many Imposter Zombas you

In this game you play as one of the main characters in a movie. You are part of a secret organization that is fighting against an evil corporation and its zombie-like minions. There are more than 20 different levels, in each of which you have to complete a certain task: collect coins to buy new weapons, find key cards to open locked doors and so on. All this while being attacked by impostor zombies whose sole purpose is to kill you. Make sure to keep your items stocked up and be ready for an intense fight! In this mode you control only one character at the same time and your goal is the same - survive against all

It’s time to take action! Upgrade your character and defeat the impostor zombies in this zombie-filled thrill ride! Impostor Zombies is the latest action-packed game from one of the top social gaming websites. The … Agents of Change - An iOS Game Review iphone, app, review, game, ios, games, challenges, shooting gallery, action packed

How To Play Impostor Zombies

Using Mouse

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