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The world has become a dangerous place since the first war. After two other wars, humanity had finally found a way to end wars between nations permanently. The invention of the universal equaliser, commonly known as the 'Archer System'. No longer would one person’s lack of wealth or military power determine their fate. Any country could now purchase a license and build an equaliser to defend themselves against any invader. However, not everyone was happy with this invention and many inventors had to fight and die to protect their idea from those who would come after it. The people who controlled the system were called ‘Inventors’ because of the infinite ideas they have for it. With great power comes great responsibility, especially when that power is accessible by just about anyone with $20 000 and a few gullible friends willing to invest in your

Every day, the ARCHER force fights against different enemies. Today, they are facing a new and very dangerous threat. The ARCHERs have gone rogue! It seems like every other mission, something goes wrong. An ARCHER target manages to slip out of confinement somehow, leaving the ARCHERS without their main target. But this time is no different; everything seems fine until at the end of the mission, it ends up being a trap and all the ARCHERS are captured except for one whom manages to escape. That one alone can destroy an entire The enemy has its eyes on you now. Can you detect their presence and discover who amongus them before it's too

If you love the game, please help us to promote it. Stay tuned for more games! ^^ A War is brewing between two factions: the Bowman Hunters and the Impostor Archers. To survive this war, you must become one of these two factions by infiltrating the enemy camp and choose a side. Build your base, research new technologies and upgrade your squads to face this enemy with all their might. But be careful, choosing a side may cost you your

How To Play Impostor Archer War

Key Features Controls: Use the mouse to aim and shoot or tap on the screen on mobile devices. Instruction The objective of the game is to shoot the arrows at the right time to hit and eliminate the enemy infiltrators.

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