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You’re a normal guy who works in an ordinary office, does his job, and makes regular friends. You have a girlfriend too. Your life is great. Until one day, everything changes. You wake up feeling strangely ill. You’re not sure what it is exactly but you know something isn’t right. You can’t put your finger on it but you feel like you don’t really exist anymore. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s exactly how most people would describe themselves right now too. They might as well call themselves ‘impostors’ because they feel like they don’t really exist either! There’s only one way to find out if you are an imposter: go back in time and make different decisions today that would get you where you are today. Go on an adventure where no side-paths lead and follow the path of least resistance. If this sounds like fun then read on and find out more about this 3D action game called ‘Imposter 3d,game,action,action,hiden & 1 player Adventure 3d Game

A group of college friends embark on a summer-job quest to Alaska. What they don’t know is that their jobs are nothing like the tourist itineraries. They get more than they bargained for while completing their summer jobs, and it’s not what they expected at all! Gameplay 3d adventure Action pixel art pixel art Hiden pixel art 7 dungeon game action pixel art pixelart Adventure game Action Pixel Art Pixel Art Hiden Action Adventure Room Escape Adventure Game Room Escape Imposter Room Escape Pixelart 9dungeonman Adventure game Pixel Art Hiden Action Room Escape HD RPG action adventure 3d hiddensexaction escapepixelartpixelgame roomescape escape3dpixelart

In the year 1988, Ankh-Morpork has just been made the first city to have a Virtual Reality casino. It’s become something of a fad in that era, with casinos all over the world opening their doors to VR gamblers. Rumours abound of fortunes being won and lost on a level of virtual reality that was once only dreamed about by the most deranged. So when Rincewind meets Ushuaia in an abandoned VR casino and finds himself taken on a journey into his own mind, he knows it must be something important. But what can an ordinary Dug from Ankh-Morpork possibly want with this secretvirtual reality

How To Play Imposter 3D

Using Mouse

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