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Adult Addiction Recovery is a Pseudo-Science Joke. It’s not real. You can only check your feelings and make educated guesses about what’s real and what’s not. But, it can give you some insight into your own habits and beliefs. In this case, it’s Adult Addiction Recovery as a joke. Adult addiction recovery is a joke, right? Absolutely not! Not all people who go through the rehabilitation process become now sober or reintegrated into society. In other words, there are many people at different stages of their recovery process. The truth is, there are still many people in rehab that continue to use drugs or alcohol see a gastroenterologist for other health problems which means they also have addictions to drugs or alcohol. To find out more about the different stages of adult addiction recovery visit

Get ready for the most intense gaming experience ever, because we’re talking about Get ready for the most intense gaming experience ever, because we’re talking about Battle Royale in 2018!In this crazy world of competitive gaming, you need to be able to take risks and try new things. That’s what makes Konami such an awesome company to work with. When you hear ‘battle royale’, you probably picture some sort of fast-paced action game like Runescape orival. Wrong! Battle royale is much more than that. It’s not just a racing game where you race against time to survive; it’s also a survival horror game where you have to find ways to get home from a savage wolf pack and kill as many players as possible before they eat your skin! Read on for everything you need to know about this year’s Got Balls innovation and

You might think that drinking a beer would be a quick, easy and fun way to end a night. But not so with Game and Hypercasual. This popular London pub specializes in gaming and drinks. They offer a variety of drunk-ness options such as trivia nights, game nights, live games, Karaoke Nights and so much more. If you’re looking for something different this evening, try the beer list. You won’t be able to stop ordering more beers! Here are my top 10 recommendations for awesome drinking in game bars, pubs & clubs in

Get your Hands On This Deal! These cashier-less fast casual spots have you covered when you need a fix. They’re affordable, they have a great selection of drinks for cheap and the service is friendly enough that you won’t feel like running back to your car after one long night

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