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The most epic adventure game of all time is back! Journey through an endless geometric maze and reach your goal. Can you beat the high score? Features: - Avoid obstacles - Use gravity to your advantage - Outsmart your enemy - Collect power-ups - Discover the solution to each level • 5 different worlds & 50 challenging levels • Game Center integration for achievements and leaderboards • HD graphics and Sounds • Universal app for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad In-game purchases optional Features demonstration Video tutorials How to play Guide The objective of each level is to reach the top left exit gate without getting hit by any of the numerous obstacles that may be in your way. This game is easy enough for anyone to play, but hard enough to challenge even the most skillful players. Easy Tap challenges you to tap as many tiles as possible in a single tap. Keep tapping until you can't any more. Standard Game presents you with a grid of hazardous geometric shapes called "tiles". Your job is to destroy as many shapes as possible by flicking the ball into them from the top or bottom of the grid. Hits from either side make the shape burst into pieces, showering you with small taps in return. Simple, no? Well, think again! Each shape has its own unique characteristics, some harder than others. Rotate or tilt your device so that you're facing away from walls or other objects, and watch as these factors come into play in deciding how well you'll do. If that

Have you ever wanted to build your own video game? If so, then this is the app for you. With the help of this app, you can easily create and play video games. All you have to do is drag and drop elements into a layout to make games. You can also use built-in editors to help you craft a final game. What’s more, there are over 200 different levels that you can play with friends or create your own game levels. Features: - Create and play with 100s of fun and challenging levels.- Easy to use graphics with lightning fast performance.- Drag & Drop elements make it easy to create beautiful games.- Editor that quickly helps users craft their finished projects.- Coachs users how to create the best level designs.- Search through photos or videos of your creations or discover new levels.- Save games and share them with friends directly from the app - Accessibility features include keyboard controls, voice control and adaptive graphics. Engines used: WebGL 2 via Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Edge, PostgreSQL (Windows), OpenFL

How to play? Have you heard about the game “Geometry Dash”? If you have, then it is time that you learn how to play this game. In this tutorial, we will be showing you step by step how to play this fun and challenging arcade game. You are a geometer trying to cross the finish line first. All the other players are trying to stop you by collecting your own lives or by getting points for destroying other players’ levels. You can either do it alone or join your friends in playing against the clock with them in a race to the finish line. This fun and challenging arcade game is great for anyone who loves to challenge themselves and see what they can

How To Play Geometry Dash

Using Mouse

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