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What kind of a first date would you have? Given the choice between meeting your friends for a drink and a threesome, who ever suggests looking for a club to go to is either wrong or right. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get back on track: just ask someone out on a first date. It’s that simple and it can save you so much stress! So what are you waiting for?! Just tell them how great they looked last night and see if they want to go out on a first date tomorrow night or not? Later, if they say yes, they can bring up their friends after. But let’s be real here: who isn’t eager to have someone else’s approval before going out on their own first date? Before saying ‘yes’ to going out with your friend, it’s best to have some fun before going that last final step. If you ask people out on a first date, chances are they want more than just hangout time… They want something more special than that! That being said, guys will most likely say no; because what woman in her right mind wants another guy behing her bedroom door?! But don’t worry — there's another option: girls can also do this as well! It's just a matter of practice. If you ask someone out on a first date and it doesn't go well, don't turn right around and say

What would you do if your crush on a game, boy, is also your best friend? If you were her boyfriend and she was the one who invited you to a first date, how would you go about getting him to go out with you? Would it be possible to make the first date more fun for both of you? Well the short answer is YES. You could make the first date so much more fun by making it a game night. Think of it this way: What if you were friends with your first date and he came over but said he had another activity? It would be great to ask that other guy if he had any games and watch him bust out some of his own! Or maybe you want to be sure that she didn’t just meet up with her friends for a nightcap but actually invited him to dinner too. It’ll be even better if she says yes but doesn’t tell where. The next best way is by having them each play their favorite game and have everyone else watch in amazement as they get ready for bed. That’s right, these guys are only playing your idea of what a first date should be like so watch out because this game nights are about having fun and making new

Get ready to get wild on a first date. Let's face it, guys are going to be guy. They'll be nervous, they’ll be shy, they’ll want to make this one night only experience as easy as possible. But above all else, you need to have a great time. You don’t have time for nerve-wracking chit-chats or mediocre drinks. You gotta have ballsa fun and funky version of “first date”! So here is what you need to do on a first

A date with a friend is a great way to bond over a few drinks and explore the local night life. But what if you’re looking for more than just a night out? What if your primary intention is to have fun, not step it up the sexual department? Here are some tips on how to go first date

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