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The world of Dynamons 4 is filled with demons,fiery-tempered fire-breathers known as dynamos. These fiery monsters live in dark caves and beneath the earth's surface, where they harness the energy of storms to keep their world safe from harm. They have been fighting for control of the planet for millenia,but now humans are emerging from their underground cocoon on the surface and becoming a threat to the dynamos. The human race has developed massive power plants that crank out electrical energy by harnessing the power of storms - these are called hydroelectric plants. In order to stop these plants from being built near dynamo territory,the human race constructs giant waterfalls called hydroelectric dams. The best way to destroy a hydroelectric plant is to flood it using waterfalls or typhoons - this is called

Do you like action games? If yes, you’ll love Dynamons 4, an action game about a young dynamo who is summoned to a world where his brother has gone crazy and started bringing doom to mankind. It’s not your regular “run n shoot” game. In this game, you have to fight using only the analogue stick. The game pits you against hordes of enemies by making use of your turbo abilities and super jumps. To survive, it’ll take smart gunning, timing, and more than a little bit of courage – because death is sure to find you in Dynamons

You are a dynamon, a flying creature that fights with electricity. It's up to you to explore the world and meet new friends. Jump into a crazy battle or run through an obstacle course. Fight other dynamons in a live-action RPG, or explore the world by yourself in this casual

How To Play Dynamons 4

Instruction Follow instructions on the screen to train your Dynamons and win battles.



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