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Celeste is a popular platforming video game that features several key characters or avatars. Here are some notable characters you may encounter in the game:

  1. Madeline: The main protagonist of "Celeste" is Madeline, a young woman on a journey to climb the treacherous Celeste Mountain. Players control Madeline throughout the game, guiding her through various challenges and obstacles.

  2. Theo: Theo is an outgoing and supportive character whom Madeline encounters on her mountain ascent. He provides encouragement and acts as a friend to Madeline, often appearing in certain levels and engaging in conversations.

  3. Granny: Granny is a wise and mysterious character who resides in the Celeste Mountain area. She provides Madeline with valuable advice and guidance during her journey, offering insights into the mountain's history and secrets.

  4. Mr. Oshiro: Mr. Oshiro is a ghostly hotel owner who appears in a specific chapter of the game. He haunts the abandoned hotel on the mountain and interacts with Madeline as she explores his eerie domain.

  5. Badeline: Badeline is a manifestation of Madeline's self-doubt and anxiety. She serves as an antagonist, challenging Madeline throughout her journey. Their encounters represent internal struggles and personal growth.

  6. Supporting Characters: Along the way, Madeline encounters various supporting characters, such as other climbers, creatures, and entities that provide guidance, hints, or additional challenges. These characters play smaller roles in the overall narrative but contribute to the richness of the game's world.

Each character in "Celeste" has a distinct personality and role within the game's narrative. They contribute to the storytelling and character development, adding depth and emotional resonance to the gameplay experience. Interactions with these characters can provide moments of dialogue, reflection, and personal growth for Madeline as she tackles the physical and emotional challenges of Celeste Mountain.

How To Play Celeste

using mouse



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