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Keeper of the Castle is a turn-based strategy game with pixel art. You control one of many characters trying to take over a castle and rule over your enemies. The game starts easy and gets more difficult as you progress. The key to succeed in this challenging game is strategy. You can’t just rush into battle and hope for the best. You need to plan your attacks, defenses, and magic carefully in order to secure victory. Castle Keeper has multiple difficulty levels that change the way the game plays. Even if you don’t like turn-based strategy games, you’ll love this

The Tower Defense genre has been popular for many years now, and it’s only increasing in popularity. The art oftower defense games is simple: you build towers to defend your kingdom from various attacking enemies. It’s as easy as that. Your towers must put up a physical shield to protect the people and property in front of them, while also shooting down incoming attackers. The lower percentage of your defenses, the easier it will be for the enemy to land a hit and destroy your

There’s a new king in town and he’s bringing the fights to his castle! Use your bow and arrow or your staff to fight off invading monsters, bounce Shards to hit enemies at a distance, and build the most powerful fortress. Get ready to Castle

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Key Features - Beautiful 3D graphics - Make your character stronger and defeat big armies - Defend your castle from hordes of various enemies - 100% free game - Fun and addictive gameplay - Easy to learn controls - For kids and adults - Game for girls and boys Instruction The main goal of the game is to protect the castle. To be stronger than the invaders, you need to upgrade your character. After passing all the waves, your hero will be sent to defend the other castle, where you will learn new skills and become even stronger.

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