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Referees are on the field when the game is in progress. But unlike other officials, who just focus on their area and don’t communicate with other officials or players, a true referee cares about making sure his or her peers are following the rules and policies of the game. The job requires a great deal of communication and team work, much as it does on the field during games. Whether you're a student looking to earn extra cash or an amateur athlete looking for a way to spice up your game, officiating is an excellent option that won't interfere with your regular routine. Referees have many different roles within the National Football League (NFL) including supervisor of enforcement and competition personnel. To learn more about this challenging but rewarding career path, check out these top tips from former NFL

Are you a good sportsman who loves to support his team but don’t like to start fights? If so, this could be the job for you! Are you good at your job, making sure that all players have an equal chance to win? Are you a fair and impartial referee who will always do their best in any game they come across? The role of a football referee is challenging but also really exciting. They are the ones who keep the beautiful game flowing and help make it even better by enforcing the laws of the game. At international level, referees aim to ensure that matches are played fairly. They also try to make themselves available where needed which helps games run smoothly. Regardless of what kind of Refereeing career you choose, they will require skills in various

Referees are on the field to control the flow of play during each game. They also have to deal with all the media attention that comes with it. But what they do not get … Read moreBecome a Referee,game,sports,

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