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In Among Them you play as a survivor who has become invisible and must hide from an alien threat. Hiding from the aliens means finding them, so use your wits to track and trap your enemies. Find Us is a challenging hidden objects game in which you find items by using various tools to uncover the world around you. The Hidden Objects genre blends seamlessly with Hidden Object games. Hints, useful items and a hint system have been added to make the gameplay even more engaging! If you are looking for a new challenge then this is it! The app has fifteen increasingly difficult levels each with better graphics than the last. It’s an arcade game for sure but it doesn’t feel like one due to the intricacy of its puzzles and challenges. You will need some patience because there are no obvious solutions and that makes it a fun challenge as well as frustrating at times when you are

Get ready for a fast-paced Clicker Adventure! The year is 2300. Earth has been invaded by alien races bent on our destruction. Fortunately, the human race is not alone in the universe. Join the ranks of mankind’s resistance and fight to save our home from extinction! Worldslide is an epic space adventure set in the distant future when aliens have invaded Earth and built massive orbital cities called “worldslides” to escape from their hostile environment. The player takes control of one of these brave aliens who have braved treacherous stages beyond our solar system to fight back against the invaders in their home turf. Each level is another worldslide, with new challenges presented at every turn. It’s up to you whether to try your luck at solving that difficult challenge or move on and find another one for a better

I love video games. That’s why I’ve been playing them for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest gaming memories have to do with the arcades that dotted my hometown and the classic games that would be found at those establishments. Those childhood experiences inspired me to hone my skills even more and ever since, I’ve been working towards building the perfect gaming PC. Fortunately, over the course of my research, I came across a few great new PC gaming enclosures known as gaming vaults. These devices are essentially small closets where you can keep your accessories organized and protected from dust and other contaminants. And if you want to take things one step further, you can even connect them to another room via an extendable audio or HDMI cable (not

How To Play Among Them Find Us

Using Mouse

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