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Coloring books are a great way for kids to relax and de-stress. They can spend a lot of their childhood trapped in a room, so an activity like coloring is a great outlet. There are even some studies that show that coloring as a form of stress relief can help people cope with more serious anxieties, too. Coloring has been proven to reduce the tension felt from PTSD and depression. When you have young kids who are just getting the hang of drawing, prepare some crayons and paper is probably the best place to start with them. Coloring books are also fantastic because they don’t require any special skills or expensive materials. They’re accessible to everyone and there’s absolutely no shame in sitting down with your kiddos and doingodling

Among Us is a fun and educational puzzle game that will help your kids improve their color recognition, memory, attention, logical thinking and concentration. There are different themes in the app, so you can pick the one that matches your kid’s age. We have a total of 30 levels with increasing difficulty level. Your kid will have to complete each level by matching the same colored tiles or objects on the screen. The app also features 3 stars for completing each level. So, be sure to collect all the stars along with solving each

Among Us is a new game that combines numbers, colors and logic. There are more than 100 numbered tiles and every tile has one or more colors. The goal is to arrange the tiles in a predefined order. The player will get points according to the number of correct answers, their speed and also the style of their answer. Moreover, this game has an educational purpose since it helps to train your logical thinking skills among

How To Play Among Them Coloring Book

Using Mouse

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